49 for seven 30 minute lessons 20 for 30 minute private lesson
The structure of our classes is:
Beginners pupils who have no experience of swimming. Badges taken are Duck Badges 1, 2 & 3.
Young Stroke pupils who can swim 5m and can dip their face into the water. Young stroke pupils learn front crawl, breast stroke and back crawl. Badges taken are 5m; 10m and 15m.
Advanced classes Once strokes at young stroke are perfected once 15 metres is being swum confidently, further badges can be taken under our supervision at Abraham Moss swimming pool. Some nursery children have achieved these more advanced badges. Butterfly is also introduced as a stroke.
From children to adults, we can teach you to swim at Ivy Bank!

Ivy Bank Swim school are now offering Mermaid classes with a qualified instructor for more information call Emma Curry on 07976606327.

We only teach in small groups or on a private basis.